Car Shipping Cost Calculator – How to Get an Accurate Estimation

Car shipping

Moving to a new state or starting a new life in another country is exciting. The prospect of learning new things and all the sights and sounds make the move worth it. However, the actual move can be tedious and full of hassles. Moving personal belongings to a new place is stressful enough, but the stress doubles when you add shipping your car.

Shipping a car is challenging and costly, especially if you have never done it. One of the first things to do is determine the total cost of the shipment and if it is worth the risk and stress. If the price is too high, consider buying a new automobile in a new country or state. The best way to determine the cost is to use a cost calculator. Here is how shipping works.

Steps to Get an Accurate Estimate

You will find excellent online resources for calculating the shipping cost. Some claim not to need personal information to provide the required quotes, but reliable ones will require a few details about the shipment to give an accurate quote. So, what steps can you take to get the correct result? Let’s find out.

Step One: Select Multiple Online Calculators

The first step is to find and pick multiple online calculators. As mentioned, there are many available ones; the problem may be narrowing your options. Selecting more than one is crucial because you want to widen your playing field as much as possible.

You can better compare prices and services when several options are before you. Check their services, location, designated drop-off points, and transportation methods.

Step Two: Fill Out the Form

When you have all the potential services to use, the next step is to fill out the online shipping quote form. All the companies on your radar will have an online presence. They will also have a cost calculator that you can use to get the correct quote. Find the appropriate forms, fill them out for each company, and submit them.

You must provide the necessary information to help the shipping companies determine the costs. The type of car you plan to ship, the distance, location, delivery, and time of year are crucial factors that will guide the estimation. Therefore, you must provide information such as the vehicle type, size, number you plan to ship, the destination, and when you plan to move it.

The cost of shipping an SUV is different from that of a sedan. If it is a truck with modifications, the price will be more than that of a truck without modifications. The destination determines the distance, and the amount to pay increases if you want a home delivery instead of coming to pick it up yourself.

Also, luxury and antique cars require enclosed shipping, which costs more. In other words, the carrier type directly affects the cost.

The shipping date must be close to the inquiry date for an accurate cost. If you plan to move the vehicle months from the inquiry date, the prices may change due to fuel price fluctuations and other factors. Pick a date within the off-peak shipping period to keep costs low without sacrificing quality service.

In addition, the chosen shipping method is crucial. For example, if you are shipping internationally and prefer the freight method, you will need a car freight cost estimator to determine how much to pay. Note that freights are one of the safest methods of transporting your automobiles, but it can be more expensive than other methods.

Step Three – Wait for a Quote

After submitting your information, wait a few seconds for an accurate quote. Each company may give a different figure, but the average cost per mile of shipping is about $1.12 for an open carrier. The figure varies from company to company, but the distance should inform the final cost.

The best step is to have a flexible budget to accommodate price changes, especially if you plan to ship after some time. However, the final quotes from the companies should inform your decision; pick the quote that best fits your budget and ensure you do not have to sacrifice any part of the service because of the cost.

Step Four: Speak with a Customer Service Representative

You can opt to speak with someone from the company if completing an online form is unsatisfactory. That is one of many times to speak with a customer service rep; you may still have questions after completing the form. Call the provided number and make inquiries to get a clearer picture.

A rep is ideal when the cost calculator malfunctions or cannot provide the results according to the provided details. Personal contact may prove more fruitful, providing more results than an online bot could have supplied. 

Ensure you give the rep all the required details for an accurate estimate so there are no surprises when the times for the actual shipping. Check out this resource: to learn more about the importance of customer care representative to any brand.

Final Words

It is easy to accurately estimate what it would cost to ship your car, whether domestically or internationally. The main task is finding the best service, since many have reliable records and experience. 

But when you do, pick about five and provide the same information for good results. You can also talk with a customer service rep to get more details. Then, you can better plan for the future, especially if buying a new automobile would be cheaper.

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