Choosing the Right Online BCA Course: 7 Mistakes to Avoid


Earning a Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) degree online has become an increasingly popular option in India. Online BCA programs allow you to study from the comfort of your home on your own schedule. However, with so many online colleges and courses to choose from, it can be challenging to select the right program. Making a wrong choice can lead to wasting time and money on low-quality education. To help you find the best online bca courses for your needs and career goals, here are 7 key mistakes to avoid when choosing an online BCA course in India:

Choosing a College with No Accreditation or Approval

One of the most important things to check is whether an online college has received proper accreditation and approval to offer distance BCA programs. Accreditation and approval from agencies. ensure that the college meets education standards and that your BCA degree will be valid.

Choosing an online college with no oversight or accountability often results in low-quality education. You end up wasting your time and money on a BCA degree that may not be accepted by employers or allow you to pursue higher education. Always verify that an online college has the proper accreditation before you apply.

Falling for False Advertising and Claims  

Online colleges frequently embellish claims about their faculty, facilities, job placement success, and ranking in order to recruit students. It is crucial not to simply accept such a claim at a face value without further verification. Thoroughly research the qualifications and caliber of instructional faculty, rather than just taking the college’s word about their expertise. Validate whether the college truly has cutting-edge technology infrastructure and resources as advertised by looking for confirmation from objective third parties. 

Be skeptical of 100 percent job placement rates as these numbers can easily be massaged and exaggerated. Finally, note that a college ranking survey can use questionable or biased methodologies; don’t assume a high rating makes an online program reputable without digging deeper into the data and the sources behind a ranking. Scrutinizing all claims through independent research allows for informed enrollment decisions.

Choosing Based on Low Fees Alone

Online BCA programs with very low course fees may seem attractive initially. However, the adage “you get what you pay for” often holds true in education too. 

Very low fees likely indicate that student experience, teaching quality, industry exposure and support resources are being compromised. This can negatively impact your learning experience and career readiness after the BCA course.

Rather than fees alone, evaluate an online college based on faculty qualifications, curriculum relevance, industry exposure and learning resources provided. Choosing a college with reasonable fees that delivers good value is key.

Not Checking Course Curriculum and Job Relevance  

The BCA syllabus and subjects offered should provide you with knowledge and skills tailored to in-demand jobs like software programming, web development, database management, etc. Before you apply, thoroughly check the course structure, subjects covered and electives offered.

See if the focus is on boosting practical employable skills with sufficient lab work and projects rather than just theoretical learning. Also verify if the curriculum has been updated recently and aligns with current IT job needs. Choosing a BCA program not relevant to jobs can hurt your employability later.

Ignoring Importance of Practical Experience

Classroom learning alone is not enough for succeeding in IT jobs after a BCA degree. Hands-on practical exposure is essential. When selecting an online BCA program, check what kind of lab access, tools, simulation software and projects are included to apply your learning.

Internships and industry training opportunities are also a vital part. Look for online BCA programs that embed live projects, arrangement industry visits and facilitate internships with tech companies. Lack of practical experience during a BCA program will make getting an IT job difficult.

Not Evaluating Faculty and Support Provided 

The faculty teaching you core concepts and specialized topics related to IT and computer applications need to have strong academic qualifications along with relevant industry experience. This ensures they can provide quality teaching and real-world practical insights. When researching online BCA programs, go beyond glancing at faculty profiles – carefully evaluate their academic credentials like degrees, publications, certifications etc. as well as the depth of their software development, coding, database and other tech experience. This gives you confidence that learned concepts and skills will be applicable to in-demand jobs.

Equally important is the academic and career support provided alongside classroom teaching. Availability of mentors to help with project guidance, doubt clearing and concept revision is invaluable for learning retention when studying online. Other support services like personalized career counseling, interview preparation, resume building workshops etc. can boost employability. Also assess if student collaboration forums, alumni networks and industry events are facilitated to enable peer learning and networking.

The qualification and experience of faculty plus the availability of academic and employment support services has a direct impact on the learning experience and outcomes. Hence evaluating these rigorously before choosing an online BCA college helps ensure you derive maximum value.

Failure to Check Post-course Placement Assistance 

Your goal after earning a BCA degree is to land a good IT job. So the ability of an online college to help with campus placements and job assistance after course completion should be an important evaluation criterion.

When selecting an online BCA program, thoroughly check the specific job placement record of past graduates. Also see if the college holds regular recruitment drives from IT companies on campus and provides placement assistance like resume building, mock interviews, etc.

Choosing an online BCA college with poor history of graduate placements and minimal career assistance can negatively impact your job search after you graduate.


By avoiding the 7 mistakes outlined above and doing thorough research, you can identify and select a high quality bca online course aligned to your career aspirations. Choosing wisely will ensure you gain job-relevant skills along with a maximum employability after you graduate.

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