How ultrasound speaker Focusonics works?

ultrasound speaker

In the vast world of audio technology, innovations seem to arise every day. But among these advancements, one has recently captured the attention of both enthusiasts and professionals: the ultrasound speaker from Focusonics. A cutting-edge device that promises unparalleled precision and directivity in sound delivery, the Focusonics speaker represents a leap in how we understand and engage with sound.

Focusonics: Revolutionizing Sound Directivity

The real magic of the Focusonics speaker lies in its ability to create a focused beam of sound, much like how a flashlight focuses light into a tight beam. This is achieved through the utilization of ultrasonic waves. When these waves intersect with the air, they generate an audible sound within the beam’s confines. Picture yourself within a room where the melodies or messages are a secret solely whispered to the individual standing in one distinct spot, while those merely a few strides away remain blissfully unaware. That’s the level of precision we’re delving into.

How is this achieved? The speaker uses an array of ultrasonic transducers, working in unison to produce and steer the sound beam. By manipulating the phase and amplitude of each transducer, the speaker can direct the sound to a specific location, making it highly directional. Curious to see this technology in action? See here.

Applications and Benefits

The potential applications of the Focusonics speaker are vast. Imagine museums where visitors can hear descriptions of art pieces directly in front of them without disturbing others, or advertisements in public spaces that only target individuals standing in a particular spot. Additionally, this technology can be valuable in environments where privacy is crucial, such as confidential business discussions or personal therapy sessions. Moreover, this speaker eliminates the need for headphones in some scenarios, ensuring listeners don’t feel isolated from their environment.


The Focusonics ultrasonic speaker is undeniably a groundbreaking piece of technology. Its ability to deliver sound with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring a personal and immersive experience, sets it apart in the audio industry. As technology continues to evolve, devices like the Focusonics speaker are a testament to how innovation can reshape our daily experiences. If you’d like to delve deeper into its specifications and understand more about its mechanism, read more about Focusonics speaker.

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